ANTHEVA - Sample 3 : Address Book


Description : in this application you can enter the addresses of your contacts. This application looks like the sample "Contacts", but with a sequence of windows of the kind "list window" / "detail window", often used in projects.

This sample also is a complete application : informations are represented in a list, you can enter descriptions in specific forms and then save datas in XML files... So many functionalities one can need in its projects.

You can easily adapt the code for your own needs...


Hard Copies


Contacts list.
You can add, modify or delete a contact.
Modifications are stored in memory until you click on the diskette button.


Consulting a contact.
Click on the "Modify" button to make this form editable.


Modifying a contact.
Orange fields are required : you can't validate the form as long as they're empty.

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