ANTHEVA - Sample 2 : How to convert Sql to XML


Description : if you wish to convert the result of your SQL queries into XML files, here is a useful tool. You create your SELECT queries, define the concerned database(s) and get the result in a XML file.

This application was tested with Ms Access
and ORACLE. It works for both....

Hard Copies


Creating a query.
Create a new query, and associate a database. Choose the XML Pattern
("list" : datas are stored in attributes ou "Nodes" : datas are stored in nodes),
then click on the ">>" button to execute the query. Don't forget to click on the button "Save the query".



The same query executed in "list" mode.
This time each item is stored in a line and data is stored in an attribute.



Entering the database connexion parameters.
Enter the driver, then the url and the login/password.


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