ANTHEVA - Sample 1 : Contacts management


Description : with this application you can manage your professional and personal contacts. It uses a JTree to show the companies and the contacts. In this sample, each tabbed pan uses its own parameters file (the look of fields changes) and its own xml file to save entered datas. At last, each tabbed pan contains a couple of Panels that communicate together, so that it will be easier to reuse these interfaces.

This sample is a complete application : informations are represented in a Tree, you can enter descriptions in specific forms and then save datas in XML files... So many functionalities one can need in its projects.

You can easily adapt the code for your own needs...


Hard Copies


Entering a Contact.
The 'ID' field is locked : It is calculated by the application and can't be modified.
The orange fields are required, the other ones are editable but not required.



Entering a Company.
The background of the form has changed, so that a user can
quickly view if the form concerns a contact or a company.
For companies, only the name is required.



Selecting a company in the second tabbed pane.
The look of fields has changed (I loaded a different parameters file).
With Antheva, you can define an interface and change its global look without having to
write any new code...


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